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Livigno is a beautiful place to see at any time of the year and there’s as many attractions for winter-related action as there are indoor and outdoor activities for summer and spring. Easter and Christmas are the most magic time of the year in Livigno. During this time the city becomes a paradise for the many visitors that come to the town. During the Easter the climate in Livigno is cool and there is a lot of snow so it will be a skier paradise during this time of year. During Easter time many visitors visit Livigno mainly because of the skiing opportunity and the Easter festival. Reserving ahead the hotel room or apartment is of utmost importance during this time of year. Charme Hotel Alexander offers a wide range of accommodations, from luxury and cozy rooms to beautiful fully furnished apartments. Out of the many resorts in Livigno which has the top resorts in Italy, the Charme Hotel Alexander is one of the most complete, relaxing and luxurious complex of accommodations in the Italian Alps.

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